"Ibar river

 Drawing, Charcoal on Paper 59 x 42 cm , 23.2 x 16.5 in


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Charcoal and Chalk on violet Paper.

The drawing is done by my personal style and my representation of nature. In this drawing, I mostly researched with lines and light. I wanted to destroy the surface of nature so that it explodes.

The New Bridge (also known as Mitrovica Bridge, Ibar River Bridge) is a steel truss bridge crossing the Ibar river in Mitrovica, a city in Serbia (Kosovo and Metohia).


With every drawing that is sent around the world there is:

- Special Certificate of Authenticity

- Unique dry stamp on the certificate

- Written history for each drawing, hand signed

- Special black case for storing documents

- Special acid-free paper is placed over each drawing 

- Packed in a cardboard box. 

- Drawings do not have decorative frame

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