"Beta Vukanovic

 Drawing, Charcoal on Paper 35 x 50 cm , 13.8 x 19.7 in


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Charcoal and Chalk on gray Paper.

Beta Vukanović (1872 –1972), also known as Babette Bachmayer, was a Serbian painter, professor and woman who dedicated her life to the development of art and culture in Serbia.

I had to do this drawing because I fell in love with the power of the portrait of the artist herself. Artistic love, not physical love, if you understand you will know.

I also wanted Beta Vukanović and me to be seen in this drawing at the same time.

All these emotions can be seen in this drawing, especially in person.

The drawing has a clean edge of paper around the drawing size 1cm as you can see in the photos.


With every drawing that is sent around the world there is:

- Special Certificate of Authenticity

- Unique dry stamp on the certificate

- Written history for each drawing, hand signed

- Special black case for storing documents

- Special acid-free paper is placed over each drawing 

- Packed in a cardboard box. 

- Drawings do not have decorative frame

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