"St. George slays the Dragon"

Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm , 39.4 x 31.5 in


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Oil and Gilding on linen canvas.

The Legend : According to legend, a huge dragon lived in a lake near the city of Lida, in Palestine, which caused great trouble for the residents of the nearby city of Virita. The dragon often came out of the lake and devoured people who happened to be near the lake and, in addition, it had a poisonous breath that made people sick and often died. Every morning one child was left by the lake and soon devoured. In the end, it was the turn of that ruler's daughter, Unita, who was decorated and prepared for a sacrifice to the dragon. While the crying girl was standing by the lake, St. George appeared in front of her, riding on a horse, with a spear in his hand. Then the dragon comes out of the lake and St. George rushes towards the dragon and sticks his spear in its jaw, crushing it to the ground.

About painting : The basic composition of the painting is "Byzantine". All other elements (Character, background and rest) are personally mine and original. So it can be said that this painting of St. George is unique. I wanted this painting to be a combination of old and modern art.

Gold is on the background, armor, edge of the saddle and boots. Processed of the gilding is done in a special way, I would not like to describe process because it is a secret.

In short, I deliberately wanted to make the painting and gold look like it was several hundred years old.

Depending on the amount of light, the painting looks different. Because of the reflection of gold. If there is a some light in the room, the painting looks and the gold shines like in the cover photo of this artwork.

If there is no light in the room, the painting looks like it is 300 years old. It is difficult to make photo because of the reflection of the gold.

But on the links below you can find photos and videos that were made without light in the room.

Photo 1 : https://flic.kr/p/2nJkByy

Photo 2 : https://flic.kr/p/2nJjWHS

Video (bad quality because of the lack of light) :



With every painting that is sent around the world there is:

- Special Certificate of Authenticity

- Unique dry stamp on the certificate

- Written history for each painting, hand signed

- Special black case for storing documents

- Handmade wooden box specially for each painting

- Thin wooden frame and hardware to attach it on wall

- Painting do not have decorative frame

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