Time, space, life, purpose and soul ... These are the five words that describe the eternal aspiration of every man to fill their deep void, which is at the very core of his existence.


Throughout history and time, we have been presented with a large number of interpretations of space itself ... but only one truth remains. If we take and look at new theses about space itself and look only at a photograph of the universe, (photo 1) we see that space itself can move and distort, that space is not static. On the other hand, we have the philosophical thoughts of several scientists, including Nikola Tesla himself, who says that space cannot be distorted, but that human consciousness itself, which does not have the capacity to look and understand the truth itself, is to blame.

(photo 1)

If we go back to photo no. 1, we see that it is a photograph of infinite space itself or a universe with many galaxies. The galaxies themselves are not lined up below the line and at first glance seem to be just randomly scattered. We also see that the galaxies themselves are not rotated at the same angle but that some are horizontal and some are vertical and at different angles. Because of this, modern scientists have come to the conclusion that it is because the space around them has been distorted. If we take a further look at photo 2. We can see that the galaxy itself consists of a golden spiral and a golden section, that is, that it is in perfect balance.

Observing space in this way, it is very possible to bring everything and one whole into balance, representing it in circular strokes or a golden spiral, it does not matter whether we observe some static space such as an "empty wall" or living and moving things such as rivers "," Grass "," living person ".

To make this clearer, we should pay attention to the example (photograph of my painting) where we see that the nature or person itself consists of many small spirals or better said of many small balances that make one big balance.

If we take for example the "air" itself, it may be invisible to the human eye but we feel it on the skin, the movement of air can be described as a vortex or spiral, the air moves in a spiral, that is the air itself is in balance and can be represented by circular spiral strokes .